Ralph Iverson

Engineer by day and musician by night, Ralph Iverson plays several
instruments in classical settings as well as for recreational international folk dancing.  As a youth, he played violin and piano.  Since then he has added viola, flute, alto sax, upright bass, mandolin, balalaika, penny whistle, mandolin, dvojanka, gadulka, Macedonian tambura, Macedonian and Bulgarian kaval, kemenche, brach, prim, and lyritsa. He is experienced with Bulgarian and Macedonian music, but also plays folk music from many other

Ralph performs in a number of performing groups in addition to the Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra, including the Harvard Music Association, Balkan Fields (Bulgarian/Macedonian/Serbian), Cambridge Folk Orchestra (int’l), Goats (Bulgarian/Macedonian). Pajdashi (Croatian), Pinewoods Band (int’l), Zdravets (Bulgarian village), and Zornitsa (Bulgarian men’s chorus).