End of Year Campaign

End of Year Campaign
December 2023

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are well during this holiday time. Our season has started on a high note
with our November concert featuring a fabulous soloist playing Rachmaninoff’s 2nd
piano concerto, and our Pops concert with a lively program of Strauss waltzes and
polkas, and a talented student soloist.

Our musicians, including students developing their skills, perform for the love of the
music they play, and are led by our award-winning Music Director Michael Korn. We
provide the opportunity to hear affordable high-quality musical performances in a local
setting and make an impact by creating engaging programs that entertain and inspire.
As always, children attend our concerts free of charge.

We thank you for your past support of the WPO!

As is the case everywhere in the arts, income from tickets covers only a fraction of our
costs. To maintain the orchestra’s high performing standards, I am turning to you again
for support. Please give by clicking the Donate button on our website, www.wphil.org,
or by sending a check to: Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra, P.O. Box 541188, Waltham,
MA 02454. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Any amount is appreciated; $100 will help to support free admission for children. A
$1000, or even $500, donation will help underwrite a concert.

Best wishes for the holidays. I hope to see you at our March and May concerts featuring
two rarely heard symphonies as well as two exceptional violin soloists. Many thanks
from our Board of Directors, musicians, and Music Director!

David Salstein
Board President
Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra

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