What is the WPO?
The Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra is the Waltham place to play and to hear great classical music. We provide opportunities for area musicians with a range of ages and abilities to perform together. The Orchestra builds a community tradition by reaching out to young people, nurturing local talent, and providing fun, inspiring musical events for the whole family.

How long has the WPO been around?
2023-24 is the WPO’s 37th season. The orchestra was formed in the early 1980’s, and started its regular programmed seasons in 1985.

What events does the WPO put on?
The WPO has four to five concerts per season, including the Winter Pops and special fundraising events. We also have chamber groups that play at various venues throughout Waltham and the MetroWest area.

What’s so special about a community orchestra?
The WPO is Waltham’s longest-running classical music organization. We are an integral part of the city’s arts community. Many of our board members, musicians, and volunteers live in Waltham and are invested in the community’s activities and cultural offerings. We care about our community and its members, and are pleased to offer great, live performances that are easily accessible and reasonably priced.

How do musicians join the Orchestra?
We are a non-audition orchestra that welcomes musicians of all ages who have had some classical training. Contact us by email admin@wphil.org.

Do you have to be from Waltham?
No! Our musicians, board members, and volunteers are from the Waltham area and beyond. There are no geographical requirements; we welcome everyone who is interested!

I don’t play an instrument. How else can I volunteer with the WPO?
There are many ways you can volunteer (and have fun!).  You can help at the box office, at a computer, and/or at community events. We’re interested in people who have various skills and would like to help us to keep the music playing!

How does your Education and Outreach Program work?
The WPO’s Education and Outreach Program extends beyond our concerts into schools and the community to enhance knowledge and understanding of music, specific works, composers, and performance experience. Read more about our commitment to these efforts here.

How can I become a sponsor?
There are several levels of Corporate Underwriting, from Bronze to Platinum. Each level includes perquisites, and all sponsors are recognized in our concert programs. For more information, please see Sponsor page.

How can I advertise my business in your programs?
For ad rates, email wpo.attendance@gmail.com or call 857-919-1385. Rates are for 4 insertions October to May.

How can I keep in touch?
Sign up for our email list here. We do not sell or share our email list.  You can also follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.